Swift 2: expression pattern of type 'Bool' cannot match values of type 'Int'

I'm doing this problem set "FizzBuzz", and my switch statement is giving me some problems, here's my code:

func fizzBuzz(n: Int) -> String {   
    switch n {
    case n % 3 == 0: print("Fizz")
    case n % 5 == 0: print("Buzz")
    case n % 15 == 0:print("FizzBuzz")
    return "\(n)"

If you could provide me with pointers / hints, instead of giving me the correct code, that would be swell :D I'd prefer solving it myself, but a few hints could get me out of this hole.


  • You can use case let where and check if both match before checking them individually:

    func fizzBuzz(n: Int) -> String {
        let result: String
        switch n {
        case let n where n.isMultiple(of: 3) && n.isMultiple(of: 5):
            result = "FizzBuzz"
        case let n where n.isMultiple(of: 3):
            result = "Fizz"
        case let n where n.isMultiple(of: 5):
            result = "Buzz"
            result = "none"
        print("n:", n, "result:", result)
        return result