Setting seed for Excel random number generator

In excel below formula will generate random number from a normal distribution with mean 10 and variance 1. Is there a way to set a fix seed so that i get a fix set of random numbers all the time? I am using Excel 2010



  • You can implement your own random number generator using spreadsheet functions. For example, C++11 has a Lehmer random number generator called minstd_rand which is obtained by the recurrence

    X = X*g (mod m)

    where g = 48271 and m = 2^31-1

    In A1 you can place your seed value. In A2 enter the formula:


    and copy it down however far you need.

    In B2 enter =A2/(2^31-1) and in C2 enter =NORM.INV(B2,10,1), copying as needed. Note that you can always replace the seed value in A1 by


    if you want to turn volatile randomness back on.

    The following screenshot shows 25 random normal variables generated in this fashion:

    enter image description here

    As you can tell from the histogram the distribution seems roughly normal.