SSIS Package Stuck at "Created Execution" Status

I recently deployed a update to one of my SSIS projects, and ever since the project has failed it's scheduled runs.

The SSIS package appears to be stuck at the "Created Execution" status. There are no messages in the reports to explain this issue.

I've attempted to redeploy the project, but the results remain the same. I ultimately had to revert to an earlier version of the deployment in order to bring the system back online, but I am now in a position where I can not update the project.

I'm at a loss right now as to how to resolve this issue, and this project is a rather vital component to our business.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


  • In the interest of having an actual answer on this question and having just run into this very frustrating issue myself, the problem lies in package/environment parameters. When a package is run on a schedule, if required package parameters are not supplied, SSIS just... sits there. No errors are reported, but the package never actually starts.

    SSIS being helpful as always

    Providing values for the required parameters will resolve this issue.