changing visual style for lua exe created with wsrlua.exe

I am trying to create an Windows Gui exe with srlua (5.1) it created successfully but with classic windows like visual styles. I wanted a xp or modern win8 style. The script as I run with Lua for Windows's wlua.exe shows a modern win8 style. what do i do? Do I need to recompile srlua with win8 comctrl ver 6.0.0 style OR WLUA.EXE Still can be used for exe building by replacing wsrlua with it.



  • The resulting executable must have the manifest that enables visual styles. I don't use srlua, but I think you have to rebuild srlua.exe to be built just like wlua.exe is.

    There are a few differences between lua.exe and wlua.exe:

    • not a console application (-subsystem:windows)
    • have a WinMain (see wmain.c in LuaBinaries source)
    • includes a resource file with a manifest (see wlua.rc)