Run multiple R-scripts simultaneously

In my thesis I need to perform a lot of simulation studies, which all takes quite a while. My computer has 4 cores, so I have been wondering if it is possible to run for example two R-scripts in Rstudio at the same time, by letting them use two different cores? If this could be done, I could be saving a lot of time by just leaving the computer over night running all these scripts.


  • EDIT: Given enhancements to RStudio, this method is no longer the best way to do this - see Tom Kelly's answer below above :)

    Assuming that the results do not need to end up in the same environment, you can achieve this using RStudio projects: https://support.rstudio.com/hc/en-us/articles/200526207-Using-Projects

    First create two separate projects. You can open both simultaneously, which will result in two rsessions. You can then open each script in each project, and execute each one separately. It is then on your OS to manage the core allocation.