Rounding a double value to x number of decimal places in swift

Can anyone tell me how to round a double value to x number of decimal places in Swift?

I have:

var totalWorkTimeInHours = (totalWorkTime/60/60)

With totalWorkTime being an NSTimeInterval (double) in second.

totalWorkTimeInHours will give me the hours, but it gives me the amount of time in such a long precise number e.g. 1.543240952039......

How do I round this down to, say, 1.543 when I print totalWorkTimeInHours?


  • You can use Swift's round function to accomplish this.

    To round a Double with 3 digits precision, first multiply it by 1000, round it and divide the rounded result by 1000:

    let x = 1.23556789
    let y = Double(round(1000 * x) / 1000)
    print(y) /// 1.236

    Unlike any kind of printf(...) or String(format: ...) solutions, the result of this operation is still of type Double.

    Regarding the comments that it sometimes does not work, please read this: What Every Programmer Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic