Why is KOFAX SAP Function Module Z_DICOM_STORE_USING_FB60_FB65 not being Populated when Run?

We have upgraded our development SAP system from ECC6 SPS3 to ECC6 SPS5.

An application external to SAP (KOFAX - a SAP certified product) passes an invoice image and invoice data to the SAP system. It then calls the Function Module Z_DICOM_STORE_USING_FB60_FB65 (supplied by KOFAX) in order to store the image on the SAP Content Server and trigger a workflow.

Before the upgrade of the SAP system, this worked, now it does not. An exception is raised within form check_and_add_delimiter (subroutine pool SCMS) which is effectively called from function module SCMS_ARCHIVE_INFO_GET.

The exception is raised because when class method CL_GUI_OBJECT->CLASS_INIT is called, the flags:


are set to blank values.

This happens when the process is kicked off from the KOFAX GUI. If I run Z_DICOM_STORE_USING_FB60_FB65 from transaction SE37 and populate the structures with the same data, the image is stored and the workflow is triggered.

Please can you suggest why the flags are not being populated when the program runs?



  • This was resolved by one of our develpers. The answer he gave me was:

    We modified check_and_add_delimiter (subroutine pool SCMS) in order to overcome this problem (we effectively stopped the bit of offending code from being called)