Crystal Reports: "Failed to Save Document" after changing Datasource

I have about 15 .RPT files on my .NET 2.0 site, and I recently changed to a new database server.

I successfully changed the Datasource on 14 of those .RPT files, but on one, after making the change, I get "Failed to Save Document" when I try to save the updated report. I can change the subreport's Datasource, and save it just fine, but when I try to change the main report's Datasource I get that error message.

I'm definitely doing a "Verify Database" at various times throughout the process, but that doesn't seem to help.

Any ideas?


  • Yeesh, like so many others who encounter this problem, there was no fix except to recreate the report from scratch.

    I'm sorry to report that, but thems the facts. Gotta love Crystal Reports' error messages and their complete and utter lack of any details.