helloworld CICS bundle example is disabled on install on region

I am a student and work in a project on mainframe of my university . I try to create simple helloworld application from chapter 3 of Java Application in CICS (SC34-7174-02) with CICSExplorer 5.2 for CICS 4.2 on Z OS 1.13.

in fact , i have CICS bundle project and two OSGI bundle (Hello and Web examples of CICSExplorer) that included on CICS Bundle .

I exported it to zFS and then created bundle , program , transaction and CSD Group that included them to it .

I used a region that have installed JVMServer . then I run JHE1 transaction and saw console . JVM profile is DFHJVMCD .

I installed CSD Gorup on a region . bundles view of CICSExplorer shows my bundle and finds bundle parts but CICSBundle is disabled and bundle parts are unusable .

I search and find CICS and the JVM server Developing and Deploying Java applications . in 2.4.2 header explained common problem for my CICSBundle State .

JVM server is discarded JVM server is installed after the BUNDLE installation

neither of these not happened .
any help can be useful.


  • I found it . JVMServer was not installed .