The name does not exist in the namespace error in XAML

Using VS2012 working on a VB.NET WPF application. I have a simple MusicPlayer tutorial app I am using to learn WPF. I am converting a C# version of the tutorial to VB.NET step by step.

It has 2 classes in the app that are both under the same namespace. I am able to reference the namespace in the XAML but when I try to reference the class object in XAML I get an error and I am not able to compile.

Strange thing is that the IntelliSense works fine with both referencing the namespace via the xmlns:c= tag and also when typing the class object using <c: But the object is underlined and errors are generated trying to build or work in the designer.

The .vb class files are in a folder called \Controls. The Main project Root Namespace is intentionaly left blank. The class is coded like this...

Namespace MusicPlayer.Controls
    Public Class UpdatingMediaElement
       .... code here
    End Public
End Namespace

The xaml looks like this

(namespace defined in the <Window > tag


(object defined in a <Grid> )

  <c:UpdatingMediaElement Name="MyMediaElement" />

(error displayed) The name "UpdatingMediaElement" does not exist in the namespace "clr-namespace:MusicPlayer.Controls".

Not sure what is wrong or how to fix it?


  • When you are writing your wpf code and VS tell that "The name ABCDE does not exist in the namespace clr-namespace:ABC". But you can totally build your project successfully, there is only a small inconvenience because you can not see the UI designing (or just want to clean the code).

    Try to do these:

    • In VS, right click on your Solution -> Properties -> Configuration Properties

    • A new dialog is opened, try to change the project configurations from Debug to Release or vice versa.

    After that, re-build your solution. It can solve your problem.