Add local Library Project as a dependency to multiple Projects in Android Studio

I created a library project in Android Studio (currently 0.5.2) by choosing File > New Project... > "Mark this project as a library".

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I have two other non-library projects that I would like to add a dependency to this library project.

-My Library
-Project 1 (depends on My Library)
-Project 2 (depends on My Library)

My goal is to keep each project independent and avoid duplicating modules/code. How can this be done without copying the library module into the other projects?

Update: Android Studio 0.6.0 allows you to Import a module, though, this simply copies the module source into the Project.


  • You can also refer to a library outside of your project folder using the project().projectDir property. If your external library is relative to your project like so

    - MyLibrary
       - library
    - MyProject
        - app

    in MyProject/settings.gradle

    include ':library'
    project(':library').projectDir = new File(settingsDir, '../MyLibrary/library')

    in MyProject/app/build.gradle

    dependencies {
       compile project(':library')