How to use file instead of hibernate.cfg.xml

I am trying to connect to DB in a servlet using Hibernate.I have read that we can use either hibernate.cfg.xml or file for configuration of session.For me it worked with xml. Now when I am trying to use properties instead of xml its not working. It is saying that hibernate.cfg.xml not found.But nowhere I mentioned to use xml file and infact I have deleted that xml file.

Please Help me. And Please correct me if I am doing anything wrong.


  • From what i understood from hibernate the best thing to do is to define the mapping in the hibernate.cfg.xml file and other configurations in the

    An alternative approach to configuration is to specify a full configuration in a file named hibernate.cfg.xml. This file can be used as a replacement for the file or, if both are present, to override properties.

    The hibernate.cfg.xml is also more convenient once you have to tune the Hibernate cache. It is your choice to use either or hibernate.cfg.xml. Both are equivalent.

    You can read more about this in the following link: