Turbo Pascal BGI Error: Graphics not initialized (use InitGraph)

I'm making a Turbo Pascal 7.0 program for my class, it has to be on Graphic Mode. A message pops up

BGI Error: Graphics not initialized (use InitGraph).

I'm already using InitGraph and graph.tpu and I specified the route as "C:\TP7\BGI".

My S.O is Windows 7 and I'm using DosBox 0.74, I already tried to paste all the files from the folder BGI into BIN.

What should I do?


  • Since dos doesn't have system graphic drivers, the BGI functions as such for BP7.

    So in short, use a BGI suitable for your videocard. The ones supplied with BP7 are very old, there are newer, VESA ones that you could try.

    Afaik 3rd party BGI needs to be registered explicitly in code though.