How to determine the name of an egg for a Python package on Github?

I know I can install with

$ pip install -e git+https://git.repo/some_pkg#egg=SomePackage

but -- when I'm trying to use somebody else's package -- how do I determine what the name of the egg is?


  • Look at the git repo, find the, setup.cfg or pyproject.toml file in the root and find what name has been set.

    • In, look for the name keyword in the setup() function call.
    • In setup.cfg, look for the name entry under the [metadata] section.
    • If there is only a pyproject.toml file, then look for a [tool.poetry] or [tool.flit.metadata] or [project] section, and the name entry under that section. (Which section exactly depends on the packaging tool used; flint and poetry expect different sections and there may be other projects using pyproject.toml to create Python packages in future).

    For example, the Pyramid project has a file, which has:


    so you'd use:

    $ pip install -e git+

    Or, if you look at the FastAPI repository, then you'd find a pyproject.toml file with:

    module = "fastapi"

    and so you'd use

    $ pip install -e git+