Disable Intellij auto copy to clipboard

I like using Intellij. It has many great features, but I also dislike the fact that it auto-copy selection to clipboard during some actions (selection with some mouse events, with deletion, some keyboard shortcuts I guess other than "copy" etc, I don't know exactly which ones, but it does happen for sure). Is there a way to disable that?

Of course, I can use "paste from history" but it is a pain: I know that I have copied the good text with the keyboard shortcut, why another motion has overriden my clipboard? I have to right click and check etc... it is way too slow.

I would like only "right click copy" and "keyboard shortcut copy" to be the only motions that can copy content to clipboard.

I have the problem on Windows 7 64 bits, Intellij 12, but I had it on Intellij 11 too.

For instance: shift+del (delete line) auto-copy content to clipboard.


  • Ctrl+Y will delete a line without copying it to clipboard. I can hardly think of other operations with this side-effect. I.e. Ctrl+Backspace or Ctrl+Delete which delete a word to the left or right of a cursor don't have it.

    Update: there is also Ctrl+Shift+V that will be bring out a clipboard history popup in case one occasionally overwrites buffer content.