Achieving a cursor trail-like effect with jQuery

I want to animate an absolute-positioned image with right:xxxPX, let's say. Wen the animation is in progress, can I add a "trail" effect to it, like a Windows cursor trail effect.

Can I achieve this trail effect in jQuery?


  • This should work:

    var box = $('#box'),
        // Create some clones (these make up the trail)
        clones = $.map(Array(10), function(item, i){
            return box.clone().css('opacity', 1 / (i + 1)).hide().insertAfter(box);
        top: 100,
        left: 200
    }, {
        duration: 1000,
        step: function(now, fx) {
            // On each step, set a timeout for each clone,
            // making it move to the required position.
            var prop = fx.prop;
            $.each(clones, function(i, clone){
                clone = $(clone).show();
                    clone.css(prop, now);
                }, 50 * i);