Geochart "requested map does not exist" when deployed

By using the visualization API, i've been able to get a local map of Peru (by province) and got it working correctly while developing our application locally.

The code used to display the map is the following:

function cargarMapa(departamento)
    var data = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([

    var options = {
        region: 'PE',
        displayMode: 'regions',
        resolution: 'provinces',
        colorAxis: { colors: ['green'] },
        width: 465,
        height: 225

    var geochart = new google.visualization.GeoChart(
    geochart.draw(data, options);

And it works like a charm when working in my PC:

EXAMPLE: Geochart working in local environment

It works whenever i run the application (im using Visual Studio 2012 and IIS 8) and also when i deploy it on my laptop (FYI, im doing so while being in my University network). BUT, when i deploy this in my University's local server (IIS 7.5), i get the following error:

FYI, i use other charts from the visualization API and they load perfectly

The code is exactly the same so, what could the issue be?

Thanks in advance!


  • The problem you are having is with this line:


    When you include (<arguments>) after a function name, you are calling the function, which executes immediately and returns some value (null in the case of cargarMapa). google.setOnLoadCallback(null); doesn't do anything, and calling cargarMapa before the API is done loading causes issues, one of which is that your maps haven't loaded.

    To fix this, create a new function that calls cargarMapa(departamento);:

    function init () {

    and set this as the callback:


    Notice there are no parenthesis (()) after init - this passes the function init to the callback handler as an argument, just like a variable (technically, in javascript, functions and variables are the same thing - they're all objects).