Java - How to convert type collection into ArrayList?

public class MyGraph<V,E> extends SparseMultigraph<V,E>{
    private ArrayList<MyNode> myNodeList;

    public MyNode getNode(int nodeId){
        myNodeList = new ArrayList<MyNode>();
        myNodeList = (ArrayList<MyNode>)this.getVertices();
        int i;

The following are the error msg:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassCastException: java.util.Collections$UnmodifiableCollection cannot be cast to java.util.ArrayList...

Can anyone help?


  • As other people have mentioned, ArrayList has a constructor that takes a collection of items, and adds all of them. Here's the documentation:

    So you need to do:

    ArrayList<MyNode> myNodeList = new ArrayList<MyNode>(this.getVertices());

    However, in another comment you said that was giving you a compiler error. It looks like your class MyGraph is a generic class. And so getVertices() actually returns type V, not type myNode.

    I think your code should look like this:

    public V getNode(int nodeId){
            ArrayList<V> myNodeList = new ArrayList<V>(this.getVertices());
            return myNodeList(nodeId);

    But, that said it's a very inefficient way to extract a node. What you might want to do is store the nodes in a binary tree, then when you get a request for the nth node, you do a binary search.