Visual Studio Test Explorer window will not open

For some reason I can't open the test explorer window in Visual Studio 2012. I click Test->Windows->Test Explorer and nothing happens...

This problem may have been caused by recently uninstalling DotCover. I did this because my licence expired and I was having issues running tests without it (context menus weren't working).

Any suggestions or advice much appreciated!



  • In VS2012, Test Explorer has a bug in that the window doesn't get focus when you click Test > Windows > Test Explorer. Instead, the menu item has no effect unless the window was complete hidden, in which case it is displayed.

    The bug means that if Test Explorer is collapsed with Auto Hide, the menu item does nothing. Check that Test Explorer isn't in an auto-hide tab somewhere off to the left or right (i.e. in a tab with text written vertically, like Server Explorer and Toolbox are by default).

    Update: The bug is fixed in VS2013.