How to speed up cURL in php?

I'm trying to get embed tweet from Twitter. So, I'm using cURL to get the json back. I wrote a little test but the test takes around 5 seconds as well as when I run locally. So, I'm not sure what am I doing wrong here.

public function get_tweet_embed($tw_id) {

    $json_url = "{$tw_id}&align=left&omit_script=true&hide_media=false";

    $ch = curl_init( $json_url );
    $start_time = microtime(TRUE);
    $JSON = curl_exec($ch);
    $end_time = microtime(TRUE);
    echo $end_time - $start_time; //5.7961111068726

    return $this->get_html($JSON);

private function get_html($embed_json) {
    $JSON_Data = json_decode($embed_json,true);
    $tw_embed_code = $JSON_Data["html"];
    return $tw_embed_code;

When I paste the link and test it from the browser it's really fast.


  • With respect to environment, I've observed in PHP that cURL typically runs very fast in most environments except in places where there is low CPU and there is slower network performance. For example, on localhost on my MAMP installation, curl is fast, on a larger amazon instance, curl is fast. But on a small crappy hosting, i've seen it have performance issues where it is noticeably slower to connect. Though, i'm not sure exactly why that is slower. Also, it sure wasn't 5 seconds slower.

    to help determine if its PHP or your environment, you should try interacting with curl via the command line. At least that you'll be able to rule out PHP code being the problem if its still 5 seconds.