Is VTune Worth Considering for Delphi?

Running through all the questions on profiling tools, I was surprised to discover VTune by Intel that I hadn't heard of before. At $700, it is even more expensive than AQTime.

But before I make the decision to put down the big bucks for AQTime, has anyone used VTune for Delphi, and if so, do you think it has any benefits that may make it a better choice than AQTime and the other profiling tools for Delphi that are out there?


  • You can download 30 days vtune trial and try by yourself.

    I have used AQTime and VTune.

    VTune is good if you want to test multithreaded application - it help me to find locks in memory manager which slow down my multithreaded part of application.

    Secend difference is that VTune is sample profiler and AQTime is instrument profiler. Both has strong and weak points but I personaly prefer instrument one. With instrument profiler you get exactly information how many times your function was called, all caller of this procedure etc with cost of inaccurate time results - instrumentation profilers change a way processor executing code, so branch predictions and cache works different that in real and tested app work slow.

    But most important is GUI and here AQTime win. It is powerfull application but very easy in use. VTune is quite different. I lost too much time to find right command in VTune. GUI is very messy.

    So except of multithreading I use AQTime.