Is there a nice way in MySQL to replicate the SQL Server function ROW_NUMBER()?

For example:

    col1, col2, 
    ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY col1, col2 ORDER BY col3 DESC) AS intRow
FROM Table1

Then I could, for example, add a condition to limit intRow to 1 to get a single row with the highest col3 for each (col1, col2) pair.


  • I want the row with the single highest col3 for each (col1, col2) pair.

    That's a groupwise maximum, one of the most commonly-asked SQL questions (since it seems like it should be easy, but actually it kind of isn't).

    I often plump for a null-self-join:

    SELECT t0.col3
    FROM table AS t0
    LEFT JOIN table AS t1 ON t0.col1=t1.col1 AND t0.col2=t1.col2 AND t1.col3>t0.col3
    WHERE t1.col1 IS NULL;

    “Get the rows in the table for which no other row with matching col1,col2 has a higher col3.” (You will notice this and most other groupwise-maximum solutions will return multiple rows if more than one row has the same col1,col2,col3. If that's a problem you may need some post-processing.)