Installing PHP Zip Extension in CentOS

I'm attempting to install the PHP Zip extension in CentOS.

My server does not have external internet access, so I downloaded it myself from PECL: I chose 1.10.2, the latest "stable" release, and transferred it to my server.

I ran:

pear install zip-1.10.2.tgz

and added

to php.ini as instructed. I can see that was created and placed in the right extension_dir folder as well. I restarted apache and then checked to see if it was loaded by running:

php -m

Despite all of this, "zip" is still not in that list.

Am I missing a step or doing something wrong? I thought this should be really simple, and I'm starting to feel pretty dumb, haha.

Other probably important stuff:

CentOS Apache 2.2.3 PHP 5.2.16


  • You may have several php.ini files, one for CLI and one for apache. Run php --ini to see where the CLI ini location is.