here-document gives 'unexpected end of file' error

I need my script to send an email from terminal. Based on what I've seen here and many other places online, I formatted it like this:

/var/mail -s "$SUBJECT" "$EMAIL" << EOF
Here's a line of my message!
And here's another line!
Last line of the message here!

However, when I run this I get this warning: line x: warning: here-document at line y delimited by end-of-file (wanted 'EOF') line x+1: syntax error: unexpected end of file

...where line x is the last written line of code in the program, and line y is the line with /var/mail in it. I've tried replacing EOF with other things (ENDOFMESSAGE, FINISH, etc.) but to no avail. Nearly everything I've found online has it done this way, and I'm really new at bash so I'm having a hard time figuring it out on my own. Could anyone offer any help?


  • The EOF token must be at the beginning of the line, you can't indent it along with the block of code it goes with.

    If you write <<-EOF you may indent it, but it must be indented with Tab characters, not spaces. So it still might not end up even with the block of code.

    Also make sure you have no whitespace after the EOF token on the line.