GROUP BY having MAX date

I have problem when executing this code:

SELECT * FROM tblpm n 
WHERE date_updated=(SELECT MAX(date_updated) 
FROM tblpm GROUP BY control_number 
HAVING control_number=n.control_number)

Basically, I want to return the most recent date for each control number. The query above returns correct output but it takes 37secs. before the output was shown.

Is there any other sql clause or command that can execute faster than the query above?


  • Putting the subquery in the WHERE clause and restricting it to n.control_number means it runs the subquery many times. This is called a correlated subquery, and it's often a performance killer.

    It's better to run the subquery once, in the FROM clause, to get the max date per control number.

    SELECT n.* 
    FROM tblpm n 
      SELECT control_number, MAX(date_updated) AS date_updated
      FROM tblpm GROUP BY control_number
    ) AS max USING (control_number, date_updated);