Stuck at push, nothing happens

i used git before without any problem, but suddenly i can't push or clone anything. when i use this command, just nothing happens, not even an error, so i have to press ctrl + c or just close git window.
i use this simple command for pushing:

git push origin master

also tried with -u parameter.

  1. i opened port 22 in my firewall, no luck
  2. i use both http and ssh, again no luck
  3. i install a new version of git, no luck

so what i can do to solve this?


i installed a fresh win xp on virtual machine and test to push something, same result as before, so may be my internet connection have some problem.

any idea?


  • Update 2021: this is again an issue, when pushing with HTTPS URL, with Git 2.32 (June 2021).

    See details here: there is a bug with the Microsoft Git Credential Manager Core, which is why, as Pinak Ganguly suggests, you might want to switch temporarely to the obsolete Git Credential Manager:

    git config --global credential.helper manager

    First, there was some issue with ssh access recently:

    We are currently investigating SSH access problems on one of our fileserver pairs. A small number of repositories may be affected.

    Second, you would need to try and use https, not http:

    git remote set-url origin

    Third, the git push -u origin master is only for the first push (after that, git push alone is enough: see "Why do I need to explicitly push a new branch?" for more)

    If the push or clone issue still persists, then you need to contact GitHub support to know more about this.