Importing test classes into Scala console in sbt?

I am building a Scala project in the standard directory layout using sbt. I want to run sbt console and import my unit tests so that I can play with them in the Scala REPL. What is the easiest way to do this? Is there a command I can pass to sbt, or something I can add to build.sbt?

Note that I don't necessarily want to run unit tests from the sbt console. (Though that would be nice too.) Instead a have test fixtures that set up data structures that I want to use in my REPL session.


  • Use test configuration scope, like this:

    sbt> Test/console

    For more information, see Scopes in the sbt documentation.

    With specs2 for example, you can go:

    sbt> Test/console
    console> import mytestpackage._
    console> import org.specs2._
    console> MySpec)