Regex to remove spaces between '[' and ']'

I have been breaking my head on this for sometime now. In javascript I have a string expression where I need to remove the spaces between '[' and ']'.

For example the expression can be :-

"[first name] + [ last name ] + calculateAge()"

I want it to become :-

"[firstname] + [lastname] + calculateAge()"

I tried something from the following stackoverflow question for square brackets but didn't quite get there. How do I make the regex in that question, work for square brackets too?

Can anyone help?

Thanks, AJ


  • If brackets are always balanced correctly and if they are never nested, then you can do it:

    result = subject.replace(/\s+(?=[^[\]]*\])/g, "");

    This replaces whitespace characters if and only if there is a ] character ahead in the string with no intervening [ or ] characters.


    \s+       # Match whitespace characters
    (?=       # if it's possible to match the following here:
     [^[\]]*  # Any number of characters except [ or ]
     \]       # followed by a ].
    )         # End of lookahead assertion.