How to find the Transport Request with my custom objects?

I've copied two Function Modules QM06_SEND_PAPER_STEP2 and QM06_FM_TASK_CLAIM_SEND_PAPER to similar Z* Function Modules. I've put these FMs into a ZQM06 Function Group which was created by another developer.

I want to use Transaction SCC1 to move my developments from one client to another. In transaction SE01 Transport Organizer I don't find the names of my 2 function modules anywhere.

How can I find out the change request with my work?

I copied the FM in order to modify functionality and I know FMs are client independent.


  • Function modules, like other ABAP workbench entities, are client-independent. That is, you do not need to copy them between clients on the same instance.

    However, you can find the transport request that contains your changes by going to transaction SE37, entering the name of your function module, and then choosing Utilities -> Versions -> Version Management from the menu.

    Provided you did not put the changes into a local package (like $TMP) the system will have asked you for a transport request when you saved or activated your changes, that is, unless the function group is in a modifiable transport request, in which case it would have created a new task for your user under that request which will contain you changes. To check the package, use Goto -> Object Directory Entry from the menu in SE37.