System.out.println function syntax in C++

I want to create a function in C++ using cout that has the same as the println function in java. This means that the call should be something like this:

int a=5
println("A string" + a);

the variable a should have any basic type. What kind of parameter should I have in this case and how would it work?



  • As larsmans already pointed out, java has overloads on the operator +. So you can concat strings with integer. This is also possible in C++ but not out of the box for all types.

    You could use a templated functions like this.

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    template <typename T>
    void printer(T t) 
        cout << t << endl;
    template <typename T, typename ...U>
    void printer(T t, U ...u)
      cout << t;
    int main()
      int a=5;
      printer("A string ", a);
      return 0;

    But I would recommend to take a look at boost::format. I guess this library will do what you want.