How to create a system tray popup message with python? (Windows)

I'd like to know how to create a system tray popup message with python. I have seen those in lots of softaware, but yet difficult to find resources to do it easily with any language. Anyone knows some library for doing this in Python?


  • With the help of the pywin32 library you can use the following example code I found here:

    from win32api import *
    from win32gui import *
    import win32con
    import sys, os
    import struct
    import time
    class WindowsBalloonTip:
        def __init__(self, title, msg):
            message_map = {
                    win32con.WM_DESTROY: self.OnDestroy,
            # Register the Window class.
            wc = WNDCLASS()
            hinst = wc.hInstance = GetModuleHandle(None)
            wc.lpszClassName = "PythonTaskbar"
            wc.lpfnWndProc = message_map # could also specify a wndproc.
            classAtom = RegisterClass(wc)
            # Create the Window.
            style = win32con.WS_OVERLAPPED | win32con.WS_SYSMENU
            self.hwnd = CreateWindow( classAtom, "Taskbar", style, \
                    0, 0, win32con.CW_USEDEFAULT, win32con.CW_USEDEFAULT, \
                    0, 0, hinst, None)
            iconPathName = os.path.abspath(os.path.join( sys.path[0], "balloontip.ico" ))
            icon_flags = win32con.LR_LOADFROMFILE | win32con.LR_DEFAULTSIZE
               hicon = LoadImage(hinst, iconPathName, \
                        win32con.IMAGE_ICON, 0, 0, icon_flags)
              hicon = LoadIcon(0, win32con.IDI_APPLICATION)
            flags = NIF_ICON | NIF_MESSAGE | NIF_TIP
            nid = (self.hwnd, 0, flags, win32con.WM_USER+20, hicon, "tooltip")
            Shell_NotifyIcon(NIM_ADD, nid)
            Shell_NotifyIcon(NIM_MODIFY, \
                             (self.hwnd, 0, NIF_INFO, win32con.WM_USER+20,\
                              hicon, "Balloon  tooltip",msg,200,title))
            # self.show_balloon(title, msg)
        def OnDestroy(self, hwnd, msg, wparam, lparam):
            nid = (self.hwnd, 0)
            Shell_NotifyIcon(NIM_DELETE, nid)
            PostQuitMessage(0) # Terminate the app.
    def balloon_tip(title, msg):
        w=WindowsBalloonTip(title, msg)
    if __name__ == '__main__':
        balloon_tip("Title for popup", "This is the popup's message")