Git-shell: git-shell-commands should exist rather than "What do you think I am? A shell?"

I'm trying to set up my Git server on Ubuntu 12.04 as described in this document. I've got my SSH key working fine, and I've changed the shell of the Git account to use /usr/bin/git-shell.

According to the document, I should now expect to see "What do you think I am? A shell?", however, in actual fact I see the usual shell intro for ubuntu, followed by the following:

fatal: Interactive git shell is not enabled.
hint: ~/git-shell-commands should exist and have read and execute access.

As I understand it, if I am to resolve the directory issue there I'll just end up with some git prompt rather than the message I am looking for.


  • Git 1.7.4 just improved the functionality of git-shell, so now it presents itself differently. See also

    You have set up your server correctly, as described in the document.