How to check the status of a CICS region through a JCL/Shell script(unix box)

I want to check the status of a Mainframe CICS region whether it is active or inactive by using a JCL or it is even better if one can suggest me a way to check the status of the CICS region through a shell script. This script/JCL will be used to send a mail to a group saying that the region is active/inactive at a scheduled time.

Please help me with the PROC/UTILITY to be used incase of a JCL or help me with an example of shell script to achieve it


I executed the below command on the main screen

TSO STATUS <job-name>

and it gave me whether the job is running or not not. I have executed the same TSO command in my job and taken the output into a dataset.


  • A couple of other options:

    • You can also run the Status (ST) command - just run TSO background (IKJEFT01) and issue the status command see Status command for the appropriate job names.
    • You could try running a Cics Command from a batch job see Batch Cemt New copy. If it works CICS is up, fails CICS is not up, I would suggest an inquiry rather than a New Copy though.