ZSH not recognizing my aliases?

Using iTerm2 with zsh and it isn't recognizing my aliases. Sometimes I have to work in an IDE and can't just easily vim something and the stupid people thought it a good idea to name their applications like and since .html files open by default in browsers, I have to:

open -a something.html

I have an alias in my .zshrc like:

alias ide="open -a"

But zsh won't recognize my aliases. I tried another one just to see if it was me but none of the aliases I create are recognized. Just get "zsh: command not found: ide" or whatever.

So I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong and I've been searching around all day trying to fix things in zsh and the like. As a note, I'm not a pro at Linux/Unix systems so if you're too technical and vague I probably won't understand what you're telling me.



  • if you do a very simple alias in zsh, does it work? open your .zshrc file, and add the following line:

    alias ls='ls -GpF'

    after adding that line, type this line in your Terminal:

    source ~/.zshrc

    tell us what happens. Also, just for shiggles, make sure you are using single quotes vs. double quotes, I have seen that make a difference in the past on different versions of shells/OS/whatnot.