What to gitignore from the .idea folder?

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Intellij Idea 9/10, what folders to check into (or not check into) source control?

I started using WebStorm for web development and am not sure what to add and what to exclude from our Git repository. Clearly some files inside the .idea folder are meant to be version controlled like the external library settings (jsLibraryMappings.xml) but others will probably change very often and are developer-specific (e.g., workspace.xml).

What is the recommended .gitignore pattern for WebStorm / IntelliJ IDEA?

P.S. There are already questions about this but usually focus only on whether to include the whole .idea folder or whether to fully exclude it. I think some of the files inside the .idea folder should be version controlled while others shouldn't and I'm trying to find out which ones.


  • The official support page should answer your question.

    So in your .gitignore you might ignore the files ending with .iws, and the workspace.xml and tasks.xml files.