Should I copy perldoc for inherited methods to the subclass's documentation?

I've written a class that collects some data from a web service. Inside I have added perldoc to describe the functionality as well as a short guide on the usage. There's a reference for all its methods.

I've also written a subclass, that uses as a base class, wraps its own constructor around foo's new method and upgrades foo with a database connection to cache the results. I've already added perldoc to for the additional stuff.

Now I only want my colleagues to use Should I copy the perldoc for all the inherited methods from to or should I just say "look at the base class's docs for the accessors"? Or is there maybe another way?


  • It suffices to conspiciously point to other classes once near the start of the interface description, see best practices documentation example below. Your pod coverage test then should employ Pod::Coverage::CountParents to take inheritance into account.

    package cachedFoo;
    =head1 INTERFACE
    =head2 Composition
            ISA foo
            DOES somerole
    All methods and attributes not mentioned here are
    inherited from L<foo> or mixed in from L<somerole>.
    =head2 Methods
    =head3 C<cache_database_thing>
    Blah blah blah, Mr. Freeman

    Naming each composed method explicitly does not scale. I can't recommend this:

    =head3 C<quux>
    See L<foo/quux>.