Disable double-tap "zoom" option in browser on touch devices

I want to disable the double-tap zoom functionality on specified elements in the browser (on touch devices), without disabling all the zoom functionality.

For example: One element can be tapped multiple times for something to happen. This works fine on desktop browsers (as expected), but on touch device browsers, it will zoom in.


  • I just wanted to answer my question properly as some people do not read the comments below an answer. So here it is:

    (function($) {
      $.fn.nodoubletapzoom = function() {
          $(this).bind('touchstart', function preventZoom(e) {
            var t2 = e.timeStamp
              , t1 = $(this).data('lastTouch') || t2
              , dt = t2 - t1
              , fingers = e.originalEvent.touches.length;
            $(this).data('lastTouch', t2);
            if (!dt || dt > 500 || fingers > 1) return; // not double-tap
            e.preventDefault(); // double tap - prevent the zoom
            // also synthesize click events we just swallowed up

    I did not write this, i just modified it. I found the iOS-only version here: (thanks Kablam)